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A brochureware site aimed at showcasing the hosting services offered by Managed Hosting Partners, who their target audiences are and how they can support their partners.

The Brief

Managed Hosting Partners have provided hosting solutions to a number of agency partners and direct clients for a number of years, relying on referrals and word of mouth to expand their client list. Their website was always “planned” however their clients came first, so they decided to ask us to work with them to create a relatively simple site that they could use to “advertise” their offer.

There was no need for an overly complicated solution and they had a pretty good idea of how they wanted it to function and the overall sitemap, so our role involved bringing their vision to life as quickly as possible so they could share it with others.

The Approach

In this instance our focus was primarily on look and feel as the overall vision for the site had been defined by the customer, albeit without a completed “picture”. So we worked closely with Jochen to understand how he wanted to convey his brand and messaging to the end user and created a design and layout that achieved this in a simple and straightforward manner.

In essence our role was to refine and deliver the predetermined vision for the site, along with identifying relevant imagery to help support the key messaging that was being shared. Along with optimising the design for multiple types of devices we also spent time ensuring it was clear to visitors what their next steps were should they wish to make use of the hosting services.

The Outcome

The new site has recently launched so we are gathering information about performance and visitor reactions, as well as continuing to discuss potential improvements in the long term. Jochen is extremely happy to have the new site up and running, providing Managed Hosting Partners with a platform upon which to build their business long into the future.

We look forward to continuing to develop the website and adding additional features to help streamline their business.


Interested in working with us?

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