Real Estate


A series of landing pages targeting over 55’s who are looking to release equity from their homes to supplement their retirement income (debt free).

The Brief

Equikey were planning to run a mailing campaign to Australian homeowners who may be interested in release equity from their homes and as such were keen to A/B test multiple landing pages and customer journeys to identify which would provide the best conversion rate. Additionally, they need to integrate with an online Address Finder system to allow users to lookup their properties as part of the process.

The Approach

The first step was to document the customer journeys to ensure that it was clear to all what pages required building and how the customer flow would change between them. Following this we were provided with the existing brand guidelines and a visual treatment from Equikey that defined the page layout and structure.

We then built the page layouts and templates using Divi and utilised the A/B testing feature to guide users to the different pathways through the application, as well as integrating with to pull property information back into the process. Finally we integrated the collected customer data directly into Equikey’s Hubspot account to allow for future follow ups.

The Outcome

What resulted is a set of interconnected landing pages to support the direct mail campaign, these were optimised across mobile, tablet and desktop viewports to ensure that users to could experience them no matter their device of choice.

 Equikey were able to successfully run their marketing campaign, track conversions using the Divi A/B testing functionality (identifying a clear winner) and capture user informaion directly into Hubspot for further communication.


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