Software is vulnerable, stay protected

The unfortunate truth is that all software is vulnerable, whether it comes from Apple, Microsoft or an open source project like WordPress. Without adequate security and regular updates sites (even the likes of Twitter & Facebook) can be hacked, so you need to keep everything up to date.

Keep your digital strategy up to date

Technology is fast paced, you need to ensure that you are keeping up with the latest innovations that provide value to your customers. You can be sure that your competitors aren’t sitting back and leaving their website to stagnate… so be sure to stay ahead of the pack.

Surely I can do this myself?

Rather than asking whether you could, how about considering whether you should? Keeping things backed up, secure and up to date is time consuming, as is saying up to date with the latest technology and trends… wouldn’t you rather be working on your business?

We're here to help

Just like you’d maintain your car, house or your health, you need to do the same for your website otherwise you’re asking for trouble. Webxactly can keep things in tip top shape and help you to develop strategies to grow your business… think of us as your digital partner.

Here’s what you get in every care plan…

Software Updates

We’ll keep your website software, plugins and themes up to date and running smoothly.

Regular Backups

We don’t like to think about it but hacks can happen, we keep cloud backups just in case.

Security Checks

Regular security scans to ensure your site stays safe and protected from malware or hackers.

Monthly Reports

We’ll send you a report each month detailing how your site is being maintained.

All prices exclude GST @ 15%.
* There is a minimum 3 month commitment to our website care plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do i really need a care plan?

We might be biased but in short… yes. Technology is fast paced and there are always new updates being made available and security threats to be concerned with. One of the most common reasons for websites to get hacked these days is due to outdated software, so the purpose of these plans is to ensure your site is up to date and protected long into the future.

Can't I just do this myself?

Absolutely, once we’ve finished building your site we’ll support you through the first 30 days and then, if you so choose, you’re on your own. On the other hand, wouldn’t you rather focus on growing your business while someone else deals with the hassle of keeping your website up to date?

Are these plans available to everyone?

Sort of… if we’ve built your website for you and we know how the site has been constructed, what theme, plugins etc are being used then it’s very easy for us to offer these plans at these prices. Additionally if you’re hosting your site with us, then we know exactly how your server is configured so supporting it is easier… so in these cases our care plans will be right for you (and we’ll be encouraging them from day one).

If, on the other hand, you have an existing website that you’d like us to take over the management of, then that’s going to be a different conversation, and it’s highly likely we’ll recommend switching to our hosting and potentially rebuilding aspects of your site to ensure it meets our standards.

In addition, depending on the state of your website, there’s a very real chance you’ll need immediate work done, so there is going to be a cost associated with us taking over your site.

How do support hours work?

If you’re on a plan that includes support hours, this allows you to request priority updates to your website (up to the number of hours pre-purchased). These can be used for updates to your site such as content changes, publishing blog posts or other small tasks).

The hours will be utilised in 15-min increments and can rollover for up to 3 months (allowing for slightly larger updates). If the hours aren’t used within 3 months then they are lost, although we will be reasonable when it comes to enforcing this condition.

As an example, if you’re on the Gold or Platinum plan you can rollover your unused support hours, up to a maximum of 6 or 12 hours respectively. Once you reach this maximim, you will no longer accrue support hours. As you use them, your support hours will top back up as each month passes.

If you are on the Silver plan, you can purchase support hours for an additional $147 per hour (exc GST).

What happens if my website goes down, is hacked or breaks etc?

The whole purpose of our care plans is to keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to updates and security issues, so we work hard to ensure nothing happens.

However, in the case that something does happen and your website needs emergency care, then we’ll be here for you. We can’t promise your site won’t be hacked be we will do everything we can to prevent that happneing, as well as assist in getting you back up and running asap.

How does the strategy call work?

While email is usually the fatest form of communication, we recognise that brainstorming and planning usually works best on the phone or via a video call.

These sessions are usually focused on setting goals for the website/business and tracking the progress each month, as well as providing training via a screen share or discussing new work.

What if I need something "outside" of my plan?

If you have a large task, such as a new section to add to the site, or extensive content updates that you’d like us to do for you, we’ll brief this in like any other project and create a separate quote.

For smaller jobs, we can provide support at an hourly rate (as listed above) and bill for this time once the work is completed (subject to prior approval).

Can I use my own web hosting provider?

Absolutely… while we prefer that you host your site with us, we can review your current hosting and ensure that it is suitable for your site.

If you would like to move your website to our hosting, we offer migration for a one-off fee, starting at $197 (excluding GST).

How does billing work?

We’ll work with you to set up a regular payment or direct debit via your preferred payment method and you will be charged automatically on the 1st of the month.

Once your payment has been received we will send you a PDF tax invoice via email.

Can I cancel at any time?


We’ll definitely be sad to see you go, but we know that sometimes you have to make these decisions for financial reasons and we don’t want to lock anyone in (beyond the initial 3 month commitment).

Simply send a cancellation request to and we’ll ensure you don’t make any further payments.

Interested in working with us?