Mobile Friendly

WordPress is responsive out of the box, ensuring that, no matter the device, your site is displayed correctly.

Easy to Manage

Whether you’re creating simple blog posts or immersive page layouts, WordPress has the tools to make it simple.

Highly Performant

With the right tweaks and an optimised hosting stack, WordPress is exceptionally fast and reliable.

Easily Extendable

WordPress is highly customisable and the availability of plugins allows it to deliver a range of functionality.

Market Leader

WordPress powers over 35% of the web, with users making 70M new posts and 77M new comments each month.

SEO Friendly

Endorsed by Google and built to be search engine friendly, a WordPress site will ensure you’ll be found online.

These are just some of the reasons why we recommend WordPress, but wait, there’s more…

We’ve been working with WordPress since version 1, way back when it was primarily a platform for blogging and far harder to setup and maintain than it is today.

Since then it’s developed into a highly customisable Content Management System with a passionate community of developers behind it committed to ensuring it continues to evolve and meet the needs of it’s users.

The availability of awesome themes and plugins means that no matter what you want to use your website for, there’s likely a WordPress solution to start from and customise as required.

And even if there isn’t WordPress uses PHP meaning that the creation of custom code and plugins can be done on a per site basis if necessary…

So, we’re confident WordPress is the right tool for the job!


Partner WordPress with our Hosting & Care Plans…

High Performance

Our server stack of choice is highly optimised for WordPress hosting, don’t let your visitors wasting a second of their time.

High Security

Web application firewalls, restricted server access, site isolation… we take measures to stop attacks 24/7.

High Availability

Cloud based architecture with redundant servers and automatic failover, keeps your site(s) up and running.

Peace of Mind

Don’t spend your time worrying about your website, focus on your business knowing your site is in great shape.

Software Updates

We’ll keep your website software, plugins and themes up to date and running smoothly.

Regular Backups

We don’t like to think about it but hacks can happen, we keep cloud backups just in case.

Security Checks

Regular security scans to ensure your site stays safe and protected from malware or hackers.

Monthly Reports

We’ll send you a report each month detailing how your site is being maintained.

Interested in working with us?